Halloween is upon us and I dunno what to be so I’ll probs just be Han Solo again or like the third year in a row tbh #usetheforce

I need a book to prove to myself that I can still read.

Everything about this is just perfect. Love 💖✊ #feminism #femspiration

Hanging with my lumberjack 💖 #timber


Happiest day of my life ❤️ Thanks, @crys_rizo

Always ❤️❤️❤️

Thinking of my handsome today and how wonderful he is to me. He is my best friend and truly my other half.

Moved my laziness outside and brought the Bobbi Bible with me. Wishing my hubby @megiant_art was here with me.

I miss my best friend. Take me back to this weekend! #24goingon12